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Nightscout setup guide for dummies [updated]

UPDATE (Nov 2021): Sugarmate has dropped support for Dexcom users, therefore this guide will help you setup Nightscout and link it with Dexcom servers. There is a special section below for Dexcom users and how...

Square Wave vs Dual Wave bolus

My son Gregory, as a Medtronic 640G Insulin Pump user, can use different types of bolus deliveries, depending his insulin needs during the day. There are also different ways he can deliver a bolus,...

How to connect my Medtronic pump with Nightscout on Android

Did you know that you can view your glucose readings in real-time on your phone, tablet or smart-watch? If you have an Android mobile phone it is a piece of cake to achieve it...

Freestyle Libre 3 got a CE approval for Europe

Abbott, has recently announced that its new FreeStyle Libre 3 has got a CE (Conformité Européenne) approval for use by diabetic people leaving in Europe.

How to update your Nightscout site to the latest version

A simple way to update your Nightscout site to the latest version available. Follow the steps and update in a few minutes.

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