How to update your Nightscout site to the latest version

Nightscout Update to Latest Version
Nightscout Update to Latest Version
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Nightscout is a great tool to monitor your Blood Glucose. Its features get continuously updated, therefore we should frequently check if there are any updates available in GitHub.

Follow the steps below in order to update your Nightscout site to the latest version.

Time needed: 5 minutes

An easy and comprehensive six-step guide to update your Nightscout site in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Login at GitHub

    Navigate to and login using your credentials.
    GitHub Login

  2. Open the Nightscout Update Tool

    Nightscout has an Update Tool you can use to easily check if there is any update for your site. Enter your GitHub username and click Check for Updates button below.
    Note: Make sure you are logged in to GitHub before checking for updates!

    If your site is updated you will see the message “Repo is up to date“.
    Nightscout Update Tool

  3. Nightscout Update Available

    If your site needs an update you will see the message “An Update is Available!” Click the button “Continue updating at GitHub” to proceed.
    Nightscout Update Available

  4. Create a GitHub Pull Request

    In order to understand how GitHub works, think that your Nightscout site is a copy of the original Nightscout source code (aka fork). By creating a Pull Request, we tell GitHub to pull the updated files from Nightscout’s original repository and drop them on our accoun’t repository overwriting the old and outdated ones.

    a. Click the Create pull request button.
    b. Give a name to your pull request. It can be anything eg. “Update to v.14”.
    Nightscout site update - Create Pull Request

  5. Merge Pull Request

    If the creation of a pull request output no errors, then in the bottom of the page, the following message appears: “This branch has no conflicts with the base branch”. Click the button “Merge Pull Request“. This will overwrite the updated files from Nightscout original repository over your outdated files on your account’s repository thus updating your site to the latest version.
    Click “Confirm Merge” to proceed.
    Nightscout site update - Merge Pull Request

  6. Your Nightscout Site is now updated to the latest version! – Verification of successful updating.

    Once the merge pull request has successfully finished, your Nightscout is now updated to the latest version. Congratulations!
    Verify that the update was successful by checking your Nightscout site’s version:
    a. Navigate to your NS site: (change “yourappsname” with the correct one of your app”)
    b. Click on the icon with the 3 horizontal bars on the top-right side of your Nightscout site. Scroll to the bottom and check the “About” section. Check if the version of your site matched the Nightscout original GitHub’s repository version.
    Nightscout Version Check

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