Freestyle Libre 3 got a CE approval for Europe

Freestyle Libre 3 is now smaller and thinner
Freestyle Libre 3 is about the size of two stacked U.S. pennies.
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Abbott, has recently announced that its new FreeStyle Libre 3 has got a CE (Conformité Européenne) approval for use by diabetic people leaving in Europe. The sensor can now provide real-time blood glucose readings via Bluetooth technology straight to your smartphone without needing to perform multiple scans over the sensor.

Which are the differences between Freestyle Libre 3 and the previous versions.

  • More accurate. The new version has an updated algorithm that offers an improved 14-day accuracy.
  • It’s much smaller and much thinner (About the size of twostacked U.S. pennies).
  • More discreet. It’s smaller size makes it easier to hide it under clothes, trousers, skirts.
  • Real time blood glucose (BG) readings. It can now inform the patient about its current BG value. All readings are sent via Bluetooth from the sensor directly to the Freestyle LibreLink app on the patient’s smartphone. There is no longer need to scan the sensor to get the current reading.
  • Real-time BG alarms. The patient can set High and Low BG alarms so he can be early warned and act accordingly in order to avoid a possible hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.
Freestyle Libre 3 features
Freestyle Libre 3 features

Freestyle Libre 3 mobile app

The updated mobile app is designed to enable users to capture and view their real-time blood glucose levels, glucose history and trend arrows showing how their glucose is changing with just a glance at their smartphone.

Bluetooth technology for real-time monitoring

Like Freestyle Libre 2, version 3 sensor has an embedded Bluetooth transmitter that can send real-time blood glucose readings straight to the mobile app, without the need to scan the sensor with the phone.

Freestyle Libre 3 Link App
Freestyle Libre 3 App new features can now receive real-time blood glucose readings via Bluetooth directly from the sensor plus alert the patient on High or Low BG values.

What is the price of Freestyle Libre 3?

Good news! Abbott has officially announced that version 3 will be priced the same as previous generations of the device, thus allowing as many people as possible living with diabetes to access and benefit from the significant advancements of the technology.

Freestyle Libre 3 – Abbott’s video presentation after CE approval for use in Europe.

When will it launch in Europe?

Abbott is expecting that the new Libre 3 will be launched in Europe the next months. For patients in some countries, that might sound a bit strange as version 2 is currently available only in Germany due to regulatory requirements in other countries. So we may easily assume that until version 2 rolls out to most European countries, version 3 will stay in the queue maybe until end of 2021. Maybe Germany will be again the country that its patients will initially benefit using version 3 sensor.

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